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Medical Stabilization Program

Mizell Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce the addition of a Medical Stabilization Program to our current services. The program will provide safe management of physical withdrawal symptoms for patients who are addicted to alcohol or other drugs to prepare for admission to a rehabilitation facility. Mizell Memorial Hospital has partnered with UltraGroup Healthcare to provide this service on our existing Medical/Surgical floor.

The need for safe medical detox is great and has been identified in our Community Health Needs Assessment over the years as one of the largest concerns of citizens in our community. Many times, apprehensions about an unpleasant withdrawal experience may be a factor that deters people from seeking treatment, since it is an inevitable occurrence at the beginning of detoxification. Patients of the Medical Stabilization Program will receive 24-hour supervision with medication management to lessen withdrawal symptoms and to manage their pain. Patients are generally stabilized within one week. Patients are then eligible for admission into a rehabilitation facility for further treatment.

The program will begin October 15th. For more information on the program, contact Soalone Adams at (334) 493-3541 ext 431. Beginning October 15th, the direct intake number will be (334) 764-5006.