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Picture of a female Nurse on the phone in our Case Management Department

Case Management

The Case Management Department at Mizell Memorial Hospital provides social services and discharge planning services to our patients. These efforts provide continuity of care to individuals who use our facility as well as those who may need acute or skilled supportive services in the future.

Case Management utilizes a multi-disciplinary team approach to communicate and facilitate appropriate care plans in an effort to return individuals who have experienced a debilitating illness or injury to their prior level of functioning.

Case Management also coordinates the pre-certification and continued stay certification process and maintains an open line of communication with the patients to ensure that all concerns and needs are being addressed. The Case Manager/Discharge planner will evaluate for needs prior to discharge from Mizell Memorial Hospital and will act as the liaison between the patient, primary care physician, as well as local venders to obtain the equipment and services needed for successful transition back into the home.