Mizell Memorial Hospital Foundation

About the Foundation

The MMH Foundation was established as a non-profit foundation to raise funds for the charitable needs of Covington County residents.

Why give?

Through support of foundation donors, new medical equipment can be purchased or existing equipment upgraded for Mizell Memorial Hospital. For patients, this means modern, efficient diagnosis and treatment is available when they need it. With their eyes on the future of health care, foundation donors help secure the most successful outcome possible for those they love.

How to make a difference in your community

There are many ways a donation can be made:
Donations from individuals or community organizations;
Corporate support from the business community;
Planned giving - gifts arranged now but taking effect in the future.
Tribute gifts are nice ways to recognize others. For donations of $25 or more, the Foundation informs the family or honoree of the donor's kindness with a card, but the amount of the gift is kept confidential.
In Memory - Take time to remember or honor a loved one, someone you treasured, with a memorial gift.
In Honor - A gift can be made on behalf of a friend, colleague or loved one, or to salute a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, retirement or graduation.


The TREE OF HONOR is a permanent sculpture in the hospital lobby which acknowledges four levels of Foundation donations:
Copper leaf, $300
Brass leaf, $500
Acorn, $2,000
Stone, $5,000


Founders make a commitment for a total amount, payable at one time or over a period of time:
Founder - $10,000 ($1,000 over a period of 10 years)
Key Founder - $25,000 ($2,000 for 10 years, or a $50,000 deferred gift)
Silver Founder - $50,000 ($5,000 per year for 10 years, or $150,000 deferred gift)
Gold Founder - $100,000 payable at $10,000 per year, or a $250,000 deferred gift)

Donate to Mizell Memorial Hospital Foundation

For more information or for a free informational brochure, call 334-493-9112.