A picture of our senior behavioral waiting area.
A picture of our senior behavioral waiting area.

Senior Behavioral Care Unit

Mizell's Senior Behavorial Care Unit is a 14-bed geriatric psychiatric unit providing assessment, observation, diagnosis and treatment for mental disorders of patients age 55 and older for a short-term inpatient program.


We all hope our loved ones enjoy their "golden years," but as individuals, they experience loss of loved ones and stresses related to loss of mental and physical abilities.

A changing lifestyle and increased physical challenges can lead to sadness and withdrawal. However, ongoing personality changes or unusual behavior may indicate your loved one is suffering from a mental illness, such as depression, anxiety or dementia.


If you notice any of the following signs and symptoms, your loved one may be experiencing an emotional illness:

Insomnia or too much sleep
Unusual behavior
Poor appetite or overeating
Disregard for personal appearance
Impaired judgment
Thoughts of suicide
Forgetfulness, confusion, or disorientation
Trouble completing ordinary tasks

These symptoms are not normal at any age and should be considered an illness in the elderly.

Most emotional illnesses in older people are treatable, especially if dealt with early. In addition to improving their outlook on life, therapies also help seniors to better care for themselves and follow their primary care providers' directions, particularly about taking medications.


Depression and other emotional illnesses are a significant problem for older adults.

National statistics show that one out of four older adults suffer from serious emotional difficulties related to aging.

Depressed older adults have the highest risk of suicide in our society.

Approximately 19 million people will suffer from depression at one time in their lives. Of these, 80% - 90% can be effectively treated.


You are not alone in caring for your elderly parent or loved one. We¡¦re here to help you understand what is happening and to determine the best course of care.


Mizell's Senior Behavioral Care provides individualized care in a warm, supportive atmosphere.

The first step is a free, confidential initial consultation to determine the appropriate level of care.

Upon admission, a thorough evaluation is made by our professional team to determine the cause of the patient's behavioral and mental changes. We also check for underlying medical or biochemical origins. We manage and treat any secondary medical needs of the patient.

We then work with the patient, family, and other health professionals to develop a treatment plan. Treatment includes individual meetings with psychiatrists, group therapy with seniors facing similar problems, activities therapy, and educational programs. We also plan and coordinate care following hospitalizations.

Our staff of nurses, psychiatrists, trained counselors and social workers can help with all aspects of a person's life.


Everyone in the family is affected when one suffers a mental or emotional illness. If the illness requires hospitalization, it is understandably traumatic for all family members and can be especially so for an elderly person.

We understand how the stresses and strains in relationships are intensified during this difficult time. We support family members in expressing their feelings and learning new ways to cope with frustrations.

By participating in their loved one's treatment process, healthy communication channels can be established, leading to stronger family ties and happier lives.


When a situation becomes a crisis, it can result in the need of inpatient hospitalization. When admitted, the patient receives a thorough physical and mental evaluation to determine the reason for the psychiatric problem.

Our unit provides a supportive environment with 24-hour nursing care. Based on evaluation results, a comprehensive treatment plan is developed by a team of qualified professionals.

In addition to counseling in the areas of the patient's life causing undue stress, the patient is taught new ways to adapt to both the illness and stress. After determining an appropriate amount of medication, we teach the patient how to take it correctly and about mental illness.

All these therapies are designed to help patients return home and resume their lives as quickly as possible.


Admissions are accepted 24-hours a day. Referrals may be made by physicians, psychologists, social workers, mental health professionals, social service agencies, family members or friends. Admission decisions are made by a psychiatrist.


The treatment team works with the patient and family to develop an appropriate after-care plan. That may include a day to day hospital program, a community-based program, or outpatient therapy. A typically length of stay is 10-12 days. Our goal is to maintain the progress already made while in the hospital. Upon discharge, patients are released back to their primary care physicians for medical care.


If you would like more information or need a free consultation, call Mizell Memorial Hospital's Senior Behavioral Care Unit. Our staff is available 24-hours a day, and all information is completely confidential.

To reach the unit, call (334) 493-9134.